Books are like doorways that lead from this world to any number of other worlds.  When you open a book you open that doorway even if it’s only to peep inside and see what’s there.  Sometimes what you see is enough to entice you to step inside.  What awaits you there can stimulate your imagination and transport you to an infinite number of places.

If it is well written it can hold your attention and keep you there.  You will see things take shape around you . . . people, events, places.  A new world is taking shape before your eyes.

As I write, I look down my own corridor and see many different doors lining each wall.  Each one represents a story that hasn’t been written.  Each one is a character or plot.  Some are comical and others strange or mysterious.  I must decide which one to open – which character to bring to life.  I’ve only scratched the surface.