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I hope you enjoy reading “Gretchen Falls – A Collection of Short Stories”. It’s based on characters from the fictional town bearing the same name.  They, in turn, are from my book “An Unlikely Source” which will soon have a sequel – “Back To Gretchen Falls”.

In the coming months you’ll be informed of other books, as well.  Genres will vary from mystery to fantasy and science fiction.  They are born from what many have told me is my very active imagination.  Some of my books have actually come from ideas that I had while I was still much

You need never be concerned about profanity or adult content in any of my writings.  Family-friendly is the theme here.  That is my promise to you.  Another promise is that you will never be bothered with unnecessary emails.  We’ll keep it brief and to the point.  That will allow me to keep writing (I’ve only scratched the surface) and allow you to enjoy the variety that I’m glad to offer.

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