It was my extreme pleasure to hatch hundreds of chicks and ducklings over a period of several years. To say the very least, it was a magical experience; and I can recommend it to anyone who has an interest in owning and caring for poultry. But by its very nature, it’s an experience requiring much patience. From start to finish one is fascinated by the natural process of incubation. After only seven days (for white eggs) the embryo can be seen by ‘candling’ the eggs. A flashlight is held behind the egg to illuminate the contents. Week two shows even more growth as the small creature takes on more shape. After three weeks the excitement is almost unbearable as the eggs begin hatching. The process must follow its normal pattern – no shortcuts. No amount of anticipation or impatience can make it happen any faster. I’ve compared this process to my writing. While I work on one book, two others are being formed in my thoughts and in my mind. They aren’t ready to be written yet; but in process of time they too will come to be. I enjoy it very much just as I did when I watched those little fuzz balls make their entrance into the world. Many details must first come into play before those stories can be written. They aren’t ready yet … but just look at all of those ideas that are still to be.